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The Journey Begins

Have you ever yearned for a place where you can take off those high heels, peel of the mask and cut the invisible cord to your mobile phone and really connect with others and most importantly reconnect with yourself?

A group of seven amazing (not to mention very excited) women embarked on just a journey and became the first group to experience the magic of Shanti Haven.

Shanti Haven is located in a quiet corner of Peregian Beach and offers a unique experience for the body and the mind. I guess you could call it a day Spa for the soul. Unlike the standard day spa, you can forget about the usual external primping and grooming this little place is transformational and focuses on polishing the beauty within to create a glow that no product found in any cosmetics counter in the world can replicate.

The journey for our Shanti pioneers began as soon as they slipped into their sarongs and sat quietly to meditate.

Carol, Shanti Haven’s wonderful hostess, lead the group in an inspiring and empowering meditation which reminded everyone how truly amazing they are and set the scene to what would turn out to be a fantastic day.

Each lady was handed her own personal program which consisted of a tarot reading, a personal astrological chart reading, and a meditation with mandala, an Indian head massage and a crystal healing session. No wonder there were so many smiles on the day.

As the day unfolded, I watched each lady glide (yes glide) to their next session and I couldn’t help but smile. It felt wonderful to be a part of something so transformational for practitioners and participants alike.

Lunch was a mix of nutritious and delicious foods that me everyone’s dietary requirements and a lively conversation.

At the end of the day there were more smiles and warm embraces.

What a perfect way to end an incredible day!

If you would like more information about events at Shanti Haven please, use the contact info below.


Shanti Haven
Peregian Beach

Phone 0419 100 912