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25th 2014


Mandala and Meditation






As part of the Shanti Haven "5 Treatments Day", Maria will be doing 
individual Meditation.


The practice of meditation on a regular basis can assist the individual to transform their life in a number of ways.

Physically it enables the body to fully relax and release tension and pain trapped within the muscles. Psychologically, it enables clarity in our thoughts by simply turning our attention to the rhythm of our own breath, it gently teaches us to observe our thoughts and provides us with insight to our own thoughts and actions. Spiritually, it is the gateway that connects us our higher self and inspires us to act from the point of love and compassion.

Mandala (loosely translated as ‘circle’) is an ancient and sacred Tibetan practice for documenting sacred text through symbols and colour. Dr Karl Jung (Swiss Psychotherapist) introduced mandala to the western world and a tool to unlock and interpret the secrets of our subconscious thoughts and a tool for self-healing.

Creating a mandala is a form of meditation in itself. As the hands are busy creating the mandala the mind becomes so quiet that it is said that you can hear the whispers of your soul.

Maria Stathis has been practicing mandala and meditation for over 10 years and would like to share her experiences in the application of meditation and mandala as a tool to assist the individual in times of transition.

‘Mandala is a magical journey that emanates from the heart of the individual and creates beautiful images rich with symbols, colour and meaning’.


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